Transition Strategies has merged with Cambiar

Founded in 1993 by Steve Sherrill, Transition Strategies served the market and survey research industry for 21 years - advising companies on mergers and acquisitions and consulting with them on improving their business operations.

Effective in August 2014, Transition Strategies merged with Cambiar, LLC. Cambiar was founded in 2004 by Simon Chadwick and Jay Wilson, and it assists research companies and corporate departments with strategy, talent management, and research effectiveness as well as M+A.

Michael Mitrano is now a Managing Partner of Cambiar along with Simon Chadwick.

You can reach him as follows:

Michael Mitrano
Managing Partner
Cambiar, LLC
65 S. Main St., Suite B105
Pennington, NJ 08534 USA
+1 609-818-1869

You can reach the Cambiar web site at